The Signal


To promote The Signal, a sci-fi novel based on real-life, the Global Conscience Project, a worldwide computer network that records changes coinciding with great catastrophes.

We created a fake website about the real GCP. In this site the user can download an App to be a part of this amazing project wich can predict catastrophes. But this App is a fake computer virus what can be customised later to play a joke to users friends.

When the viral experience ends, the GCP site turns – literally- to the novel website where the user can read the first chapter of the book, watch a visual interactive synopsis and custom a new virus to send to the users friends.

ECHO 2009 // Internet Special Prize
ECHO 2009 // Gold
EL SOL 2009 // Silver – Marketing promocional
IMAN 2009 // Bronze
JOHN CAPLES 2010// Bronze – Online

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