Lucindo Crimes


AccióNatura is one of the first Spanish NGO dedicated exclusively to the protection, improvement and restoration of natural ecosystems.

This time, they wanted a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about deforestation and how, with no idea, we are accomplices of the ilegal deforestation when we buy paper, furniture and other wood products without a FSC certification.

Our idea, a viral campaign based on a microsite where the user is arrested and interrogated. An angry detective shows some photos from the crime scene (felled trees) and some murder weapons: – Did you use this excavator?, or this ax?… no?, and what about this copier?, or this chair?- .

They have evidences to incriminate you, but you can still get rid if you tell who is your accomplices (friends). For this, you you must fill out a form with photo, email and some personal information about you friend. New suspect will receive an email which will lead him to the site to be interrogated, but this time the angry detective will show him his file at the beginning.

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