Rainbow Six Siege

I’m not a great gamer. I just play sometimes, fitfully. there are not many games of my interest.

What I like of a game is not only the action (shoot, shoot, shoot, kill, kill), not only. I value a great history and it very important for me, the interface design, the user experience… If I don’t understand how it works or I don’t see it useful, I get bored.

So, here we are (It would be better if I say «here I am»), telling you what’s the reason I did redesign of this new game called «Rainbow Six Siege» created by Ubisoft.

It’s a very good game. It’s simple, and fast to play. CQB online matches, 5 vs 5 and more coop game modes. The look and feel is good, but I think it looks like it hasn’t been finished.

Of course, I’m talking about the UI/UX and menus. It’s nice the perspective, the air it breathes… it remember me an old project that I made few years ago. So taking in mind both designs (RS6 and my old project), I decided create few sketches to see what I would like to see in this game, Just for enjoy.

I hope you enjoy it. Don’t be hard with me, please.

RS6 on my portfolio

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