Jason Keyser’s Reel

Navegando, me encontré el reel de este animador increíble. Principalmente anima de forma tradicional, o eso parece, pero tiene una calidad, un estilo y una clase que merecen ser contados, así que aquí hago mi mención de este artista.

Algo de información adicional sobre el autor y su función en los trabajos de su reel:

Reel Breakdown:

1 – Water Effects Intro: rough & cleanup animator
2 – Magical Growing Plants: designer, rough & cleanup animator
3 – Roaring Monster: spit effects rough animator & monster character cleanup animator
4 – Fire Column Explosion Sequence: effects designer, key animator, storyboard artist, background artist, monster designer & modeler
5 – Steam Plume: effect designer, rough & cleanup animator
6 – Magical Smoke Vortex: effects supervisor, 2D smoke effects overlaid – rough & cleanup animator
7 – Stylized Magic Burst: effect designer, rough & cleanup animator
8 – Fire Boy & Water Girl w/ Monster Rising: layout, designer, 3D modeler, effects & character animator, & cleanup (everything except for designing the blue water girl, and inbetweening the dust effect)
9 – B&W Tree Explosion #1: rough & cleanup animator
10 – Polynesian Tapa Cloth Wisps: cleanup animator
11 – Flame Muscle Tissue: collaborative character designer, skeleton cleanup, muscle flames rough animation, muscle cleanup
12 – B&W Tree Explosion #2: rough & cleanup animator
13 – Mud Bubble: effect designer, rough & cleanup animator
14 – Magical Ring Explosion: effects supervisor, 2D smoke effects overlaid – rough animator
15 – Small Smoke Wisp: rough animator
16 – Yellow Goo in Shell: effects supervisor, 2D goo effect overlaid – rough & cleanup animator
17 – Shadow Monster: monster designer, rough & cleanup animator
18 – Blue Fire Bird: bird designer, rough & cleanup animator
19 – Blocky Checkered Flag: rough & cleanup animator
20 – Space Suit Boy With Butterflies: collaborative character designer & character cleanup supervisor, butterfly rough & cleanup animator
21 – Roots Grabbing Monster Sequence: goo designer & animator, roots rough animator & cleanup supervisor
22 – Color Picker Tool: artist & scripter: I built the tool using a combination of actionscript & javascript. From nose-to-tail, I conceptualized and created full functionality: color swatch system & color importing buttons; hue selection slider; rgb shifting sliders, ranging from +255 to -255; brightness/saturation box (dynamically updates using gradients drawn with matrices); and alpha adjustment sliders. I packaged the tool as a plug-in, which integrates seemlessly with Adobe Flash, offering features not otherwise available.
23 – Airplane Flying Around Earth: cloud particles creator & renderer (using Messiah Studio), & airplane animator
24 – Brick Wall Simulation: procedurally modeled bricks & set-up the dynamics simulation
25 – Crashing Columns Simulation: procedurally modeled columns & set-up the dynamics simulation
26 – Block Tea Pot: created a tool that converts geometry to a series of bricks, with customizable settings (size of brick, geometry of individual bricks to use, & frequency of bricks)
27 – End Screen: crater design & cleanup, and animated the green lighting effect

About Me:
My name is Jason Keyser. I’m an avid effects animator. I love combining all sorts of tools to achieve a dynamic end result. I work primarily in Flash, both for animating and scripting. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked at a variety of studios on a wide array of projects. Currently, I am working as an effects animator at Smart Bomb Interactive, on the popular National Geographic Kids’ game, Animal Jam. I graduated from Brigham Young University in August 2011, with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in animation. I was the supervising effects animator on Tyler Carter’s film, Dream Giver in 2010. I then directed Alight, which wrapped up in the summer of 2011.

Un saludo,

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